BRATS: Our Journey Home A Donna Musil Film Featuring Narration and Music by Kris Kristofferson
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Supporters BRATS: OUR JOURNEY HOME was made through the combined generosity of the following folks. Some donated cash. Some donated footage and photos. Some donated their time and services. Some donated music and equipment. Over 500 brats donated the most important item of all - their thoughts and feelings. Brats Without Borders would like to take this moment to thank these donors for their kindness and generosity. A special thanks goes to Kris Kristofferson and his family, who went above and beyond the call of duty, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman, Morten Ender, and George Junne.

Finally, Brats Without Borders wishes to thank Mary Edwards Wertsch and Pat Conroy. This documentary would not have been made without Ms. Wertsch's assistance and brilliant book,
Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress, and Ms. Wertsch's book would not have been written without Pat Conroy's brilliant book (and movie), The Great Santini.

Our Heartfelt Thanks to All of the Businesses and Individuals
Who Helped

Patron Donors Equipment, Tape & Software
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Thank you to our Supporters!!

Patron ($1000 and over)
Atlantic Philanthropies
Berlin Brats Alumni Association
William Burd
The Funck Family in Honor of Li'l Dave Funck
Beth & Bob Goodwin
Karlsruhe American High School Alumni Association
Marlene Knudson Koenig
Dena Musil
The Sprint Foundation
Tessa Lyn Stephenson

Partner ($500 - $999)
America's Credit Union
Ankara Alumni Network
Ankara High School
Faye Arrington
Denise Bafti
Wayne Bartel
Brian Bowman
Frank J. Caufield
The Major General Bryan G. Hawley, Rtd., Family
Douglas W. & Susan F. Johnson
McCracken Poston, Jr.
Helen, Greg, Steve & Forest L. Ramsey, II
Mary Jo & Richard Schrade

Angel ($250 - $499)
Susan Currier Allenback
Denise Y. Cheney
Sandra DiQuinzio
Louis F. De Felice & Kid Gloves, Inc.
General HH Arnold Alumni Association (Wiesbaden High School)
Jean Ju Kim
The Stephen H. Reich Family
Joan Sprague
John Teer
David Watts
William Wiehl

Friend ($100 - $249)
Joan K. Adrian
Alumni Association of the American Community School at Beirut & Jonathan Stacey
Thomas Anderson
Ann Bamberger
Berlin Brats Alumni Association & Jeri Glass
Bitburg High School Alumni Association & Gerry Lagish Hilliard
Jimmye Moore Bowles
John Bowman
Allen Buckley
Stephan Cohen
Dorothy A. Cox
Patricia Danforth
Terrance M. Davis
Jill & Ray Dickerson
Joan E. Dickson
Stephen D. & Rebecca Drake
Thomas & Norma Drysdale
Merri Scheibe Edwards
Merri Scheibe Edwards in Memory of Richard K. Farley
The Morten Ender Family
Judith Faust
Bruce & Marie Goodwin
Peter Grammer
Hilary Harp & Michael Schwarz
Steven Harrell
Martha Hobbs
Robert J. Hunter
Shirley Valentine Irvin
Linda Irvine & The Reunion Brat
Wm. John Jarrell, Jr.
Mary Ann Johnson
Sandi Lorenzana
Stephanie Low
Kimberly MacEachern
Dan Masterson
Christine McCann
Jane Mohr
Eugene P. Moser & Operation Footlocker
Glenda C. Petrini
Tyler Pitre
Jerry Popovice
The Lori Soto & Albert Pulido Family
Fred L. & Deborah O. Rea
Eileen Driscoll Rubens
Patricia Saad
Judy Scholes Tiemann
Raynaldo Soto
Christina Spears
Art & Sherry Spurrell
Lynne Hamilton Vodra
Donovan R. Walling
Wagner High School Online Alumni & Debbie Wardick
Thomas Watson
Susan Scott Weinsheimer
DeLayne B. Wellen
Charles Willis
Nancy Belt Wilson
Rita Wycoff Zener

Contributor ($1 - $99)
Kathy E. Adams
Peggy Anderson
Stephen Anderson
David Baker
Robin Bellingar
Vicki Shapiro Bielecki
Peter Biesterfeld
Rosemary Blake
Elizabeth Borchardt
Nancy E. Bosh
Pendy Bowers
Debra Brown-Webb
Deva Brown
Joann Puchalski Burner
Mary Jo Burton
Carol Chandler
Mark Clark
Mark H. Cramer & VidExpo
Pamela Creamean
Karl B. Crowe
Mary Ann Crowe
Lt. Col. Donald R. & Helen F. Currier (Ret.)
Carol Dawson
Patricia Y. Diekman
Edmund L. DuBois
Leland M. Duke
Gail Paxson Edgar
John Emery
Kurt Feavel
Glenda Findley
Kenneth D. Flauding
The Flicks
Barbara Burch Franklin
Suellyn Fry
Jerry Gaddis
Rosemary Gick-Von Ohlen
Hans Giroux
Steve Gladin
Michelle Goheen
Yvonne Griffiths
Blake Haley
Arlene Harford
Peggy J. Herring Hill
Vicki Hinton
Keith Hodges
Lily Ann Hoge
Ann Holcombe
Norman Howden
Betsy Howe
Gary James
Darrin Johnson
Henry Johnson
Ray Jones
Douglas Kinley
Jeffery Kucklick
Susan Lamb
Sherron Dix & George S. Lawson
Susan Leader
Lesla Lehtonen
Louis Leland
Pamela Long
Karen Mahooti
Michael Marshall
Lois Lindsey Martin
Debbie Mayo
Stephen McClary
Patricia McDonald
LeRoy McLaughlin
Jill Morgenthaler
Dee Morris
Robyn Morriss
Cheryl Mothershed
Christine Mullin
Rebecca A. Nelson
Thomas G. Noble
Sam & Bonnie Nolan
Lisa Ohlund
Randall A. Otey
Deborah Ouderkirk
Laura Lewis Owens
Daniel Perry
Syndi Phillips
Eric Quertermous
Scarlett R. Rehrig
Julie Revilla
Ann Margaret Rice
A. Ross in honor of “The Major”
Maj. James W. Ross
Richard E. Sackett
Kristen Schlech
Eileen Scofield
Barbara Scott
Tanya Scott
Patricia Self
Carrol P. Shannon
Lucinda Shaw
Charles Shellhorn
Susan S. Stann
Charlotte F. Sterling
Dr. Roy J. Stern
Suzette R. Strickland
Nicole Talbot
M. Kathleen Trickey
Greg and Susan Walker
Tamra White
Catherine Anne Wiggins
Kristin Woolsey

Kris Kristofferson
Charles Primerano

Joan Adrian
Valerie Anderson
Sam Britten
Fred Brown
Joy Bryant
Marc Curtis
Heather Wilson DeSpain
Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman
Morten Ender
Karen Purdy Flamand
Gary Gordon
Peter Grammer
Michelle Green
Cindy Greenwood
Marien Hennig
Deborah Hollis
Vaunzcea Jemison
George Junne
Erich Knight
Laird Knight
Margot Knight
Kris Kristofferson
William McLuskie
Gene Moser
Hudson "Bill" Phillips
Olga Ramos
Catherine Howard Reed
Susie Richter
Daniel Rockholt
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
Holly Toland
Mary Edwards Wertsch
...and the over 500 military brats who poured out their souls in extensive questionnaires

Beth Abbott
Alan Abrahams & Margaret Fowler
The Bank of Madison, Georgia
Sherry Bastion of ARCHESITE
Kimberly Bayes
Samuel L. Britten
BT Post in Atlanta, GA (Ed, Linda, Shawn, Sean, Molly, Lee, Carley & JD)
Allen Buckley
Marc Curtis
Lenne Eidson Espenschied
Sarita Hleap Faitelson
Karen Purdy Flamand
Susan Lyn Fort
John & Holly Godwin
David Grant
Bryan Green
Glenn Greenwood
Francisco G. Hamm
Hillary Harp Schwarz
Tom & Peg Hennig & Hennig Productions Dave Henn
Spencer Herzog & Creative Sound Concepts
Peter Paul Krajewski
Kris Kristofferson
Amy Linton
Daniel Loughry
Judith Pearlman
The People's Bank in Eatonton, Georgia
Mark & Donna Silvah & People's Investment Co.
Kenneth Robin
Jeff Thurman
Deverill Weekes

Books, Equipment, Tape & Software
Adobe Corporation
Sarah Bird
Steve Dickenson and Todd Clark
Glenn Greenwood
Scott Hawley
Maxtor Corporation
Mary Jo Schrade & Microsoft Corporation
Pinnacle Corporation
Michael Ritter
Lou Simmons & Tape Warehouse
Patricia Y. Stallard
Ruth E. Van Reken
Sunny & Bill Schwentner
Mary Edwards Wertsch

Advertising, Publicity & Fundraising
The American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS)
Kimberly Bayes
Joe Condrill & Overseas Brats
Lenne Eidson Espenschied
Susan Lyn Fort
Google Inc.
Glenn Greenwood
IFFCON - Wendy Braitman & Jerry Hepler
Military Brats Online
Military Brats Registry & Marc Curtis
Peggie Moore
TCK World & Sam Britten

Lodging & Locations
Abilene Bed & Breakfast (Marcia Cox)
Arlington Cinema n Drafthouse (Tim Clark)
AUSA (Association of the United States Army & Sylvia Kidd)
Barksdale Air Force Base (Major General Floyd L. Carpenter, Commander, 8th Air Force, and Melissa Carpenter)
Brattle Theater on Harvard Square (Ned Hinkel)
Cameron University (Von Underwood)
Dorothy Bramlage Public Library
Eglin Air Force Base Library (Dorothee Bennett) Glenwood Arts Theater (Brian Mossman)
John & Holly Godwin
Michelle Green
The Glenn & Cindy Greenwood Family
Hirschi High School
National Education Association
National Liberty Museum (Kathleen Lee)
New World Stages (Jennifer Jones)
Overseas Brats (Joe Condrill, Jeri Glass, Christian Kyrios)
Judith Pearlman
Dr. Rebecca Powell, Director of Religious Education, USAG Baden-Wuerttemberg Chaplain's Office
Providence Public Library Theater (Lisa Miller, George Marshall)
Charles & Sharon Primerano
Redstone Arsenal (Barbara Williams)
Robinson Film Center
Rose State College Training Center (sponsored by Rose State College, Midwest City Chamber of Commercer, Mid-Del Schools, and Tinker Federal Credit Union)
Slayton House Theater at Wilde Lake (Linda Stevens)
Southfork Hotel
USAG Baden-Wuerttemberg Chaplain's Office, Germany
USAG Vicenza, Italy
West End Neighborhood Library (Bill Turner)
Williams Middle School (Dr. Avis Williams)
Shelly Wilson
Dr. Grace C. Yeuell, Director of Religious Education, USAG Vicenza, Italy

Archival Footage, Home Movies, Theatrical Clips & Photographs
Joan Adrian
Bill Barnwell
Bill & Jan Wadlington Archer
Fredric Brown
Marc Curtis & the Military Brats Registry
The Defense Visual Information Center (Johnson Controls, Inc.) & Jeff Thurman
The Department of Defense & The United States Air Force
Heather Wilson DeSpain
Steve Dickenson
Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman
Tom & Norma Drysdale
Sharyn Earl
Alan Falk
The Glynn Ellis Family
Gared Giles & Ramey AFB Historical Association
Gary Gordon & Schools Without Walls
Peter Grammer
Glenn, Cindy & Sarah Greenwood
Michelle Green
Francisco G. Hamm
Daniel Hupb
George Junne
Erich, Laird & Margot Knight
Dan LeValley
Eugene Marteney & General HH Arnold Alumni Association
Dan Masterson
Bill Matthews
William D. McLuskie
Marilyn Morris
Gail D. Morrison
Gene Moser & Operation Footlocker
The Louis F. Musil Family
National Archives and Research Administration (NARA)
Hudson "Bill" Phillips
Andrew Popper
Judge Toby Prodgers
John Provan and LHS - Frankfurt International Airport, Germany
Daniel Rockholt
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
Sony Music Enterprises, Inc.
Joan Sprague
Tom Straub
Holly Toland
Major John Toniolli, Doug Thar, and United States Air Force Public Affairs
Ewing Galloway & The Harry S. Truman Library
Ruth Hill & John Useem
Elisabeth Ogg Van Emmerik

Theatrical Clip Rights
Lewis John Carlino
Directors Guild of America & Teri Benton
Robert Duvall
Wood Harris
Craig Kirkwood
Michael O'Keefe
Lisa Jane Persky
Screen Actors Guild & Elizabeth Moseley, Robert Kelly & Ruth Garbutt-Lewis
Ethan Suplee
Walt Disney Enterprises, Inc. & Stephanie Martinelli
Warner Brothers, Inc., Julie Heath & Darlene Grodske
Boaz Yakin

Music Rights
Band of the Air Force Reserve
Farlan I. Myers & Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc.
Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide (American Forces Network Excerpts)
Kris Kristofferson & Jody Ray Publishing
Charles Primerano
Daniel Timms & Knode Music
United States Air Force Heritage of America Band
Universal Music Enterprises

Other Advice, Guidance & Support
Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adam
Donna Albrecht
Donna Alvah
Vann Baker & Military Brats Online
Jim Bickford
Rebecca Bowen & Clay Ramsey
Centrum Foundation
In Memory of Mary Vaughn Gill
Colonel Timothy Heinemann
The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation
IMAGE Film & Video Center
Inn at the Park - Wichita, Kansas
Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison
Robert Kelly & SAG
Mike MacDonald
Woody MacPhail
Linda Martin
Tisa, Chuck, Emma & Lucy Meisel
Dolores Ellerbe & David F. Ducey III
Eric Seifert
Patsy Shealy
Doctor Melton Strozier
Shirley Vercruysse
The City of Wichita, Kansas
Karen Willshon

Thank you, friends, from the bottom of our hearts!
The first documentary about growing up military.