BRATS: Our Journey Home A Donna Musil Film Featuring Narration and Music by Kris Kristofferson
BRATS: Our Journey Home
BRATS: Our Journey Home
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BRATS: Our Journey Home
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Fox 12 News at Nine/KTRV - Boise, ID
"Film 'Brats, Our Journey Home' Debuts in Boise"
Aired October 22, 2007

Dozens of adult Idaho military "brats" met in Boise for the screening of the documentary "Brats Our Journey Home."

The film is the first non fiction piece about the profound affect growing up in the military has on people's lives.

Brats are people who grow up on U.S. military bases around the world, then struggle to fit into to an American lifestyle.

The film was narrated by former military kids -- including singer Kris Kirstofferson -- who also donated original songs for the production.

Some of the challenges addressed in the film include having no true hometown and having friends that scatter across the globe.

"It's really about bringing Brats together. I think a lot of Brats don't really realize that being a brat means anything until they start to miss that. So our organization is really focused on helping bring Brats together to give them a home," said Donna Musil, the film's writer and director.

The film has already won the 2007 Southern Lens award and targets the 15 million adult military brats living in the United States.

BRATS: Our Journey Home
BRATS: Our Journey Home
The first documentary about growing up military.