BRATS: Our Journey Home A Donna Musil Film Featuring Narration and Music by Kris Kristofferson
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Brats: Movie about Military kids, to screen in Orlando
Posted on May 7, 2007 2:07:28 PM
May 20 the Enzian will host a showing of Brats: Our Journey Home, a documentary about the children of military personnel, the lifestyle, the hardships, the history.

Kris Kristofferson narrates this Donna Musil film
(she'll be at the showing doing a Q & A).

Orlando's own Margot Knight, CEO of United Arts of Central Florida, was such a brat and is featured in the film.

Here's the official website for the movie. Here's the Enzian's site. Go here for ticket information.   They'd love for former kids from military families to come.

It's Showing May 22 in Cocoa Beach (REAL BRat country).   Getting details on that screening, too.

A large audience of adult military BRATS is expected to be on hand to view the first non-fiction film about a little-known subculture that is conservatively estimated to number 15 million Americans.

BRATS are people who grow up on U.S. military bases around the world, then struggle to fit into an American lifestyle with which they have little in common.   There are approximately 584,000 adult military brats living in Georgia.

Some of the better-known Brats who participated in the film include: Kris Kristofferson, who not only narrated, but donated original songs to the production, and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf who is both a BRAT and the father of BRATS.   They and others discuss the profound affect growing up "brat" has had on their lives.

Major General (Retired) Jerry White, CEO of the National Infantry Foundation said the film hits home.   "I always wondered how my own children felt about growing up military brats, but they never were able to really tell me.   This film speaks for them and so many others.   It moved me so much that I've bought copies to send to my son and my daughter and others who grew up in a world entirely different from their peers."

Writer-director Donna Musil is excited to be bringing the film to Orlando.   "With the large population of adult BRATS and retired military in the area, we have the opportunity to reach the military BRAT audience and their extended families and friends at this special screening.”

“We BRATS have no true hometowns and our friends are scattered to the winds.   As a result, we often go through adulthood feeling lost and alone,” commented Musil.   “This film is dedicated to those who have known that feeling.”
The first documentary about growing up military.