BRATS: Our Journey Home A Donna Musil Film Featuring Narration and Music by Kris Kristofferson
BRATS: Our Journey Home
BRATS: Our Journey Home
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BRATS: Our Journey Home
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Reunions Magazine
"Film writer covers 'Brats' life stories"
Zachary Baehr, Bellevue Leader, Bellevue, Nebraska
August/September 2006, p.8

Donna Musil, who was born at Fort Benning, Georgia, set out to learn about characteristics of “military brats” after she had a reunion with former classmates from school in Korea. It sparked what became a study of characteristics of life in the military. All her peers – even at a later age – appeared somewhat disciplined by the mission-first perspective from their own families, with frequent moves. Musil estimated she’d lived in 15 states plus Korea and Germany.

“We’re very tolerant, racially tolerant. We grew up in so many different places, so we know what it feels like to be the outsider, and at the same time, we can be really self-righteous.” Musil conducted more than 500 interviews to produce a 90-minute documentary. Brats: Our Journey Home is a finalist for the 2006 Omaha Film Festival. Visit

BRATS: Our Journey Home
BRATS: Our Journey Home
The first documentary about growing up military.