BRATS: Our Journey Home A Donna Musil Film Featuring Narration and Music by Kris Kristofferson
BRATS: Our Journey Home
BRATS: Our Journey Home
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BRATS: Our Journey Home
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Good Stuff, 2006 Holiday Issue (Leisure and Recreation News from the 21st Services Squadron at Peterson AFB
"Free Showing of 'BRATS'"
Nov.-Dec. 2007

Brats: Our Journey Home,” with filmmaker Donna Musil, will be presented at 11:30 a.m. Friday, November 3, at the Base Auditorium. The film is presented by the 19th Annual Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival and its Festival in the Community Series. The film is free and open to all eligible users of Peterson AFB and guests.

In this frank and compelling documentary, U.S. military "brats" share intimate memories about their unique childhoods – growing up on military bases around the world and struggling to fit into an American lifestyle.

Singer/songwriter and Air Force brat Kris Kristofferson leads moviegoers through the heart of their experiences, sharing intimate memories with fellow brats, including Retired Army General Norman Schwarzkopf and author Mary Edwards Wertsch. Their stories reveal the peculiar landscape of childhood, the culture that binds it together, and the power it exerts over their lives.

Filmmaker Donna Musil will be here at the end of the film for discussion and question and answer session with the audience. The 19th Annual Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival is November 3-5, 2006. For ticket or sponsorship information, visit

BRATS: Our Journey Home
BRATS: Our Journey Home
The first documentary about growing up military.