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Old 10-20-2008, 07:37 PM
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Default Movie

It was very well done. A couple of the examples were a little extreme but that was probably necessary for television audiences. The movie may be particularly useful to non-Brat family members in gaining an understanding of wy we do some of the things we do.

The movie also evidenced the large numbers of us. It is nice to know there are others of one's kind even if we are still and amorphous group.

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Old 10-20-2008, 10:30 PM
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Default Homecoming

Upon watching the movie, it was like a giant homecoming. It's a true blessing to know that we're such a large group. I was so excited that I ordered a second one for my sister. More folks outside the circle should see this in order to better understand where we come from and how our view of the world and indeed our own country was/is colored by the experiences we were allowed to participate in . I look forward to more great things from the BRATS network!
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Old 10-21-2008, 07:14 PM
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There were parts of the movie that I could relate to but other parts did not reflect my experience. I think the movie expressed the extreme about BRATS, the moving experience, and relationships with our fathers.

In my situation, I did not move as much as others: 5 years (grades 6-10) in Bossier City, 1 year (high school junior) in Marble Falls, Texas, and 1 year (high school senior) at Kindley AFB in Bermuda. Those last two years were a real change for me but very enjoyable.

My wife is also a BRAT - USAF and we did some moving during the early years of our marriage: 18 months in Germany working for a German research institute and later another 24 months in Germany working for an American compute company. Our training as BRATS enabled us to really enjoy those times and we got to do lots of traveling.

My youngest brother got the best of BRAT life and the civilian life as our Father was retired for his 4 years in High School.

My Father was strict but there was never any doubt about his love for his family. As a family we spent lots of time camping and water skiing. When our family gets together, we often spend time remembering those days.

Anyway, life is always a challenge and your past shapes your future. Sometimes I have a brief wish for a life of growing up and going to school in one place but then I think about all the things I got to do as a BRAT. Bottom line, I would not change what I experienced.

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Old 10-21-2008, 08:45 PM
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Default Thank you so much for explaing things I couldn't.

All I can say is thanks for such a great movie.

My wife had seen it advertised on a few web pages I was reading, and bought the movie for a birthday present. I had mentioned to her previously I was thinking about buying it, but just never did for some reason.

It was BY FAR the best birthday present I ever got.

I do have to say, at the end after we got done watching it together, I just kind of looked at my wife and said. "That's it???" I just felt there was so much missing. I know it took us a lifetime to become who we are, but It just seemed to create more questions in my mind, than it answered for me. I was one of those that would have been a very extreme example, moving every couple years. I went to 3 grade schools, 1 junior high, and 2 high schools, then got my diploma from a 3rd after we got back from Germany.

My wife said after watching it, she understood me a little better, getting an idea of what it was like moving around and changing schools constantly. She came from 3 generations of coal miners that never moved. She is the first person in her family in all those years to move away, because I wanted to move.

Just the mention of borrowing plates and utensils from MWR, or the base locker, or what ever it was called where you were at, caused lots of memories to flood back. AMAZING!

I could go on and on about everything this movie made me remember, and how it made me feel, but I'm sure as many of the others that have seen it, it would take a life time to explain it all, if even possible...

Thank you Donna, and every one else involved. I hope there will be part 10 coming soon

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Old 03-04-2009, 03:19 PM
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Until I saw the movie there were things about my life that I felt were unexplained. Once I saw those things come out on film, I was stunned. While it may seem a little extreme, I WAS one of those kids that was grounded for a full 365 days. No friends, no telephone, no schwimbad, no nothing. True civillians dont get that, but I think that other Brats do (did) and just sympathize. Thanks for the movie and thanks for the forum. Even if it is virtually, it is nice to be able to speak with those who DO get it.
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Old 06-05-2009, 03:55 PM
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Default I was Deeply Moved by the Docmentary, watched it many times

I was deeply moved by the Docmentary, I watched it many times and cried and laughed so much!

**One of the most powerful documentaries that I have ever seen!

I could relate to so many things in it!

I thought it was a very accurate and also was very balanced and wide-ranging. It covered a very full spectrum of brat experiences, both positive and negative.

At one end you had folks like Olga Ramos, very well adjusted and who had mostly positive experiences and but then you had the Knights whose father and family were negatively affected by the war and other military issues. And yet the Knights also brought many positives out of their experience as well...

I felt that many 'flavors' of brat the experiences were included.

I am so very grateful for this film. It is a an absolute treasure.

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