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Originally Posted by tannerblackart View Post
Good call on people not leaving the county. I live on the other side of the bridge in Southern Indiana and there are people here who have NEVER been to Louisville. Thats just way too close minded.

I am going to throw in my two cents worth and say that the experience of living overseas for the brats of today is an easier experience than the pre-internet days. They arent cut off from American Culture. Here is an example: I can remember the PX getting 25 copies of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Within 4 hours they were sold out. We had to wait another month before a shipment came in. With places like, those situations are now avoidable. Another example are radio stations that stream online. You can tune in from anywhere.

Dont get me wrong, I still think that its had for brats overseas, but I also think that its 100 times easier for them to keep in touch with American pop culture.
I can remember the PX on Patch Barracks that didn't carry a lot of our favorite candy. If one of our fathers was going back stateside for TDY or conferences, he always came back with a suitcase of sugar daddies and sweettarts.
And yeah, there was NO television available except what was broadcast in German.
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